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Sam Haldeman

MBA Admissions Consultant

UCLA Anderson MBA Graduate Class of 2015

Sam Haldeman

MBA Admissions Consultant

UCLA Anderson MBA Graduate Class of 2015

What is Haldeman Consulting?

Haldeman Consulting is an admissions consulting firm that helps applicants to top MBA programs produce outstanding applications that will stand out from the crowd. We offer a wide variety of services tailored to your specific needs from our full-service multi-school packages to our single-essay proofreading and feedback.

Our commitment to our clients’ needs goes beyond just admissions, we help them enhance their own storytelling and personal branding which is essential for success in today’s ultra-competitive professional environments.

Four reasons why you should
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Get an insider's view

Sam's experience in UCLA Anderson's Full-Time MBA program (2015) gives him an insider's perspective of the unique culture of top MBA schools. This allows him to identify aspects of his client's work and life experiences that will resonate best with admissions committees, which other counselors without that experience can miss. Sam's own impactful essays led to a $40,000 USD scholarship at UCLA Anderson. He also serves as a scholarship essay evaluator for UCLA undergraduates giving additional perspective of how schools evaluate application essays.

Team up with a business communications specialist

Before business school, Sam had a successful career enabling leading Japanese corporations to communicate more effectively in global business situations using English. He further honed his ability to coach students when he served as a Teaching Assistant for Anderson's Business Communication course in which consulted and graded 1st year MBA students under the trust of the course professor. In addition, as Vice President of Anderson's Public Speaking Club, he collaborated with club members leading startups to polish their pitches for angel investors and venture capital firms. This business communication expertise enables his students to stand out from thousands of applicants with similar profiles.

​Get dedicated support

Many counselors agree to work with too many applicants at a time, which often leaves applicants unable to get quick responses to important issues in the final weeks just before deadlines. Sam favors working with a smaller group of applicants in deeper relationships than with a larger group. He works with a maximum 15 clients to ensure that they have sufficient access even in the busiest periods.

Overcome weaknesses in your profile

Some counselors choose to work only with very high potential applicants, so their clients' results are not necessarily an indication of the value of their guidance. One way to measure the value of a counselor's performance is to view successful applicants with GMAT scores significantly below the school averages. Sam's clients regularly gain admission to schools with 30 - 100 GMAT points below the average, and in one recent case 140 points below average! See below for more detailed results.


One way to measure the strength of an applicant's essays and counselor's support, is to examine cases where applicants were accepted with GMAT scores significantly below the school's average.

Applicant's GMAT

School (Average GMAT)*

previous year's GMAT average at the time of application

Success A (640)

London Business School (701)

Success B (590)

HEC-Paris (690) OVERCAME a 100-point deficit!!!!

Success C (690)

UC Berkeley (725)

Success D (640)

Carnegie Mellon Tepper (687)

Success E (660)

UNC Kenan-Flagler (702)

Success F (660)

HEC-Paris (690)

Success G (630)

Texas McCombs (700)

Success H (680)

Dartmouth Tuck (717)

Success I (680)

UCLA Anderson (719)

Success J (640)

IE-Spain (680)

Success K (500)

Babson (619) OVERCAME a 119-point deficit!!!!

Success L (700)

Columbia (724)

Success M (610)


Success N (580)

IESE (690)

Success O (540)

Nanyang Business School (680) OVERCAME a 140-point deficit!!!!

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Amount (USD)

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